Dressing and wearing a wig! Yunnan – the sports world of “anything goes” if it is for the gold medal

September 21, 2011, People’s Daily (electronic version), cover the sporting world of Yunnan that are making noise in the “zero point Incident”.There was a world of “do not mind the no matter what it does if it is for the gold medal”, common sense Unstoppable is Makarito~tsu.

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In Championships diving competition, which was held in Yunnan Province in August this year, the umpire gave a zero point in synchronized diving three 13-year-old boy.When the media reported that name it “zero point incident” this voice “acting is amateurish even though no matter how insane too touched by a zero point” and gushes.Examination of the umpire roster of the day, was in the referee or coach of the team that participated “amateur crowded jump of at all”, such as driver and aerobics instructor Tachiya, competitions such as the coach’s so-called “a match official” who It has been found.

In the diving competitions last year, there were reports of a compelled to umpire to give the gold medal to the brass players of the ministry Sports Bureau to support their own.In the 12th Yunnan Judo Championships, two sets of finals game abandoned unable assent to the judgment of the umpire.It was supposed to be awarded a gold medal in two sets after all.While the spread every year, misrepresentation of age of players found 40-50 people in the preliminary survey, and are falsely age players over 70 in the survey of the Sports Bureau in Yunnan last year’s Sports Festival.In the 8th Yunnan minority tradition sports festival, male players shemale is wearing a wig that had participated in the women’s dragon boat race.(Translation and editing / Hongo)