What ‘s Koryaa!?17 photos that butchery from the underlying common sense

Common sense is important in helping to live.If you do not know, you will be lot of trouble.

But, too much to be bound by rules and common sense, what is not up-to every day boring.

I introduce to us to soften the head of such you, the pictures errant.


Well, this I will get caught taking haste.


Grandma, what the hell do ….


Santa, and, where the heck of what is aimed.


It let me touch is said to be not touch is the behavior common sense rather.


It ‘s not how emergencies.

[I see the image]
What Man?It’s what man on earth?

[I see the image]
“This attitude of painful forever”

Wikipedia – Gleaners

[I see the image]
Might, or was this, why it’s amazing balance.

[I see the image]
I do not know why …… sewing machine accident, and tuxedo, smiling.

[I see the image]
If you satisfy himself in this.

[I see the image]
Tattoo of love too much junk food.

[I see the image]
The – Me ーーーー is ーーー Me ーーー or.

[I see the image]
Sign of “motorboat prohibited”.That and the other because I’m not I be a no matter what it does.

Meaning of the act of these seems to be the motorboat: (2011/09/25) postscript.Thank you for those who were taught.

[I see the image]
From being carried into the trailer of Pepsi …….

[I see the image]
So I do not it should be illegal parking.

[I see the image]
Cool … something ….

[I see the image]
It is that person! That person is coming to Burger King!
All, it was 17 Photos an errant.

Whether they are bound by what’s called the rule usually how, what that was not noticed.Just because I also happen to do not want to imitate.

These People Have No Respect For the Rules

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