Fear of radiation exposure advance without knowing

The invisible.No color.There is no smell.Damage does not appear immediately.
  Omakeni the location of most of Japan, not related to a serious radioactive contamination.
  That refers to it, act of government or local administration, by omission, the affected residents of the Fukushima nuclear accident is alive and at risk of exposure.
  I found in the “Journal of the chili Tsurabo Jiro” 30 issue of Shukan Asahi September, an article guessed it beautifully.
  Journalists from Kansai Yomiuri TV that this Tsurabo Jiro is a normal high school speech standing in the power side, but in this “chili journal of Tsurabo Jiro”, I write a good thing sometimes.
  “The other day, you are reading the local surface of the Asahi Shimbun, was horrified.It was caught in the eye, it is a small solid article.”The detection for export used cars radiation” … ”
  The article that begins with such headlines is warned exposure is terrible, is proceeding negligence political, administrative of this country where you do not know we.
  In other words, I announced from the one used cars will be exported to Europe from Sakai Port Senboku, tremendous dose of 53.28 microsieverts per hour have been detected in Osaka.
  In terms of radiation dose result in exposure to one year, the 466 mSv.
 If you follow the common belief cancer death rate is up 0.5 percent at 100 millisieverts a year, and, so that the pollution cars high levels of the market ridiculously.
  Moreover, this was discovered is, exporters because it was tested on a voluntary basis by chance in order to respond to the regulation of foreign mandate radiation inspection of imports from Japan.
  Speaking of why used car such as whether began to appear, the government has decided to regulation value of the country for foods such as vegetables and beef, but the test is, because to nothing about things other.
  Mr. Tsurabo I say and that contaminated areas off-limits of government was sloppy in bonus, compensation of government and TEPCO is, because a non-exhaustive …