“To this time in what …” [Sports Watch] Nom’s, Ochiai director retirement announcement

Take the command of the Chunichi Dragons from 2004, in seven seasons so far, it’s Ochiai Hiromitsu director has left outstanding grades three times the 1-position, the 2-position of three times, but in the 22nd, after this season to retirement was announced suddenly.

In a before an important lead battle with Tokyo Yakult Swallows, what happened on earth -.Midnight on the 24th, in the corner “Boyaki room of Nom’s” TBS of “S1” program in, and overlapped with the Rakuten director dismissal drama of their own, original Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles coach Nomura Katsuya has cast doubt on baseball.

“Hey, I would complaining intensely today, but in what to announce the dismissal to this time I professional baseball recent?Nomura, who cut out the “important” Now begins the playoffs, before the Japan Series starts, will not there is also a possibility to win China and Japan still.Dismissal notice I also got fired the day before the playoffs and Softbank begins from tomorrow.I will end up or may not be won.Was continued it would be what I think I baseball recently, but the director and “ne or doing hard for what.

In addition, the talk in the planning of the program in February of this year, for the Ochiai coach had high praise habitually, “Ochiai Nantes, Kana did it eight years.I only came in third place once, I only just first and second place After.Even based on experience, and are growing Thats full player.I coach a long time ago, did not you have full director who did ten years, twenty years.I do good in Nantes permanent director Ochiai.Praised this person and “have something.

“Now, professional baseball’m difficulty in finding suitable personnel, the director in the last.The next coach is not growing.Any team.One of them, probably short-lived two years supervision, I three years.I do my best in a self-protection of their own.Because there is no room Tteyuu grow successor.It was Nomura who sue professional baseball team also “want to think carefully this.
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