Is blown into the mouth of the daughter of tobacco smoke and try to Naoso stomatitis 22 Saihahamusume

To introduce a “stupid husband” at on this site, but it will introduce a “large blurring mother” to reverse this time.Era 1980s.There was a crazy mother for treatment of stomatitis in children 2 years of age, that breathe cigarette smoke into the mouth.It is cases such as unthinkable now, but it was the first time revealed the natural soil of the wife is too husband while Akirekaeri.(From December 1, 1988 Seven women)

*** “Stupid woman are many, but the infield …… fool of Kiri flew again”

K’s truck driver (29), mouth is bad, but I care more friendly, but it’s the story of Mr. K also flabbergasted.A holiday, If I had lying around sleeping in front of the TV, in the next room, crying eldest daughter of two-year-old to.

What happened “?If we except a “, E child his wife (22), is smoking a cigarette, I was blown into the mouth of the daughter smoke.

We’re doing “what?And say, “this” child, what can stomatitis.I was heard from his wife in the neighborhood, but I there are people who when you’re stomatitis, cure to be included in the mouth a cigarette.So, are you doing by blowing smoke ”

In such a “fool.Stop it! ”

While I said, my daughter, which is to smoke is Trombone, had fainted while coughing.

Mr. K had just lament “them, and do not palm a blunder like killing daughter, … with worry anymore” he said.