Though there are star [China] BBS in Japan and South Korea, why not in China?

Though there are idle active in Asia to “Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, are not in China Why the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Thread, known as “was erected.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().

● there are cucumber OriRyo 怎麼 Teresa Teng …. (It is Taiwanese)

● you are and if you include the young leaves no 以哀 Taiwan, but I do not to be included.

● sjsj6667 Bruce Lee. (It is U.S. citizenship)

● When Faye Wong did not go to Hong Kong to take the plunge in that year Moshimo Shukuyu Yingjie, How I wonder had been left in Beijing?  (it is from China, but now I am Hong Kong people)

● road psldd entertainer from being looked down upon.In the traditional concept, may enter the entertainment industry’s not a job you can be proud.

● W the yellow infection old start I was slow.

● It would be nice Well snow true sunny sky ….Music world of mainland China now really feel down.

● there is a problem with the system in China as a nuclear power problem cat essentially.

● there is a red song in 1990 Wakacho China! Sense of the cultural sector of the continent was Dasaka~tsu from previous. (The red song, It is a song to praise their country and revolution …)

● Jet Li also rocky517775 Gong Li also Zhang Ziyi also has gone to Hollywood everyone.I do not have time to have bothered the crowd of Asia.Whether there are big star that works internationally in Korea and Japan?

● very Hong Kong since it was returned to China Zhi Yaribusuma, big star of Tenno-class did not do birth. The (Well when I said)

● invincible Kindaichi Idol I not a Chinese culture.Please everyone Chinese culture.It sure is not bad apart from ….

● RX78RXF91 1, and that they must pay a high salary level is high.2, salary of the profession these in Chinese culture, because not to be able to compare with the European and American.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)