1 passengers = China or involving death … crew in the brawl that over the seat of the train

Recently, Westbahnhof Shenzhen (Guangdong) in China – high speed train connecting the (Anhui) Gokoeeki, in brawl incident at No. K256, one passenger died.The 27th, China Ministry of Railways has announced that subject to pointed out brawl incident that killed, crew and at stake, and go ahead to open criminal investigation.Chugokushinbunsha and is reported.

According to the Ministry of Railways, Shenzhen Westbahnhof (Guangdong) 45 at around 10:00 25 day and night, was parked in the station Ryuminami Station of Shanghai Railway Bureau tube at (Jiangxi) – train connecting the (Anhui) Gokoeeki, In No. K256, from hassle you over the seat, three passengers caused the rough-and-tumble.One passenger seen in this case, and went to stop the brawl is beaten, get off, and was taken to hospital, and died.On the other hand, according to the sighting of passengers, it has been found that the number men found the crew had joined the fray, with some passengers, such as “photographic evidence” is also that has been around.

The Ministry of Railways, announced that it received a fatal accident due to brawl incident, In cooperation with railway security department, to begin an investigation of the incident.I also called for cooperation Shanghai Railway Bureau, also in Nanchang Railway Bureau.(Editors: Qingtian Road)