[Enta vitamin ♪] cool is! King-cart race Akkina.But it than winning, is more happy ….

As a woman just played one six in participants was broadcast on October 1 “NO.1 playoff SP All-Star Thanksgiving entertainment industry” of (TBS system), celebrity cart race, and won the record by far Minami Akina (22) that Akkina.It is revealed in a blog of course, it was won and there was a thing that is nice any more.

In the dignified look from the start before, it is the completely different look of Akkina cute everyday in the cart race.And good and of course take, courage you able digs at a high rate of speed in that narrow corner race begins.Smile, sparkling when you remove the helmet finished the race Nantes will cool the.It was Akkina a “handsome”, from the beginning to the end.

Of 2 October in “Akkina Blog”, photos of Akkina smiling smile in the hand the championship trophy has been published.To the eye on a TV show usually, this expression’s face of gravure idol.Truly “, which is nice.I have spelled joy and obediently “.

But I was glad of winning than everyone else of Hexagon family, and said that me have bet on myself “to win, Akkina,” she wrote in a blog.Add to race immediately after the end of Yamane Ungirls and two of FUJIWARA is, who bet on “yourself from the video another studio that was projected.Akkina and longed for joy “some I can confirm.Then, yes heard that everyone in the Hexagon family gave me bet her meal break time of.Akkina would felt, the strength of the bonds of Hexagon family again.

It is said that if you drive a car, personality of the driver is seen.It’s Akkina of feeling weak with a thin figure, but unlike appearance, contents might be a competitive nature that sits on courage.Was cool anyway, it was a “Cart Racer” Minami Akina.
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