Domestic demand continued to grow stock rise also joined the futures-led

Nikkei average was the deployment of full high ransacked spreads center continued to grow, the domestic demand stocks. U.S. stocks
market was sold, but the fact that exchange had remained weaker yen than the previous day closing price level, buy
is predominantly. Among other things, from the fact that the basket buying by European investors was observed, corner of domestic demand-related stocks J
R east, such as Asahi became a strong movement. After that, the one-stage high by large-scale purchase was also observed
futures market. Field to be pursued
surface was also observed to ¥ 9,700 before one o’clock. Nikkei average of the closing

9662.08 yen of 95.06 yen the previous day high. 1.8 billion 34.74 million
stock, trading volume of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange trading value 1 trillion ¥ 242,962,000,000. 1338 rise, fall 224, and 98 in no
change, ups and downs of stocks was the deployment of full height about 80% of the total rises. By industry, rising mining finance, banking,
other, real estate stood out. On the other hand, fell only maritime sector. Be

individual, Mizuho was bought by receiving a renewal coverage of group structure. In addition, Softbank S &
P gave to the pulling direction the long-term credit rating also significantly high. On the other hand, Casio Earnings before
is anaerobic became a significant setback