Even Japan-bound to De Rossi future positive to contract extension?

Rome MF Daniele De Rossi, is showing a positive attitude about contract extension.But the players, should have been extended to more quickly “.Comments with “I sometimes numbers wrong flurry.On top of that, I’m talking as follows:.

“But, are in a relationship and a great front and Roman agent is I, and everyone’s reach to satisfy solution no doubt.It is a step to investigate now, has stopped, but the situation is calm ”

On the other hand, De Rossi do not rule out the possibility to experience the Transfers of the country in the future.

You remember the charm to be playing in the “abroad It’s for sure.I believe that China such as Japan, the United States.Want to go.Not only football, because I would be a good experience as life.It did not imagine that to play in another team of Italy.Because I’ve been playing much in Rome ”

Rome is not listed in the candidate Scudetto fight it Why??

Not long ago of “the most recent two games, media and officials of many, I had been demoted to the candidate.Rome was completely changed.As a club, technical staff, mentality, too.This only changes, there will also be not seen a team that is aiming for title.But, if you look at the standings, I need even us ”

The “So far, it has continued to work to calm.Where do aim to win, and where to aim a Champions League berth, will come to know in the league in the future ”

For position given to Luis Enrique director, De Rossi seems to be satisfied, it has changed a little in the “tactical, but it feels very much easier.Comments added, “I’m a positive time for me.Also new owner, that’s the impression as a “club, as a company, that they thought more.You are just talking personally, and I Sensi family and “was doing very well.