Physical examination path drama actress “guarantee and potential audience rating” Top 100 latest full public (1)

The data ranking “and Galloway rate viewing potential talent” that is only exposed to industry participants.In the form of a major agency and commercial broadcasting from each station to meet strong demand national clients, was created 8 years ago I start.that this data is important television stations inside and outside, it would be no self-explanatory.
“Potential audience share what you have number of the rating that churn out independently by the talent of the individual to appear on the show.There is no meaning potential audience rating is low even though there is a popular high-profile matter how.Is a reference that is easy to understand for the sponsors in particular “(production related persons)

Of course, easy to use I wish this potential audience rating ranking for the production team.
Who was the actress appeared to have a “numbers, go up viewer ratings.but also to the insurance producer for the failure is not permitted.The is also a one of the most effective means to assess the guarantee of high entertainer “(commercial broadcasting organization person in charge)

This time, wonderfully decorated, the first in the potential audience rating, ranking the actress, Inoue Mao (24) the serial drama of NHK morning in the “sun” was Noboritsume to “national actress”.Some take the top with 12.1%, the guarantee also recorded a super-exceptional value 2A rank of (¥ 1,300,000 ~) is the potential audience rating.Offer’s one after another from commercial broadcasting stations also is the result of naturally.
The overlap with the appearance of the Japanese aimed at reconstruction by the Great East Japan Earthquake, was also part that empathy is “” sun “.Overtake the 18.6% average audience rating program viewing rate recorded over 20% since the beginning of September, was also the social phenomenon of “Gegegenonyoubou” certainty “(stakeholders)
It is Inoue became the new queen, but that no so far shadow of the man to be worried about.
Far from talk of “man, virgin theory even have whispered.Story at all, floating even played with Junya Matsumoto Oguri Shun-ra storm of “Boys Over Flowers” in (Fuji) once did not flow.Seemed to earnestly blush is the story of jokes in Oguri with the launch “(TV writer)

And now, it’s ranked second in regrettably, Queen of the last recorded a 11.9% audience share potential, Ayase Haruka (26).However, through protecting the seat of the Queen, it was ranked 5A only in (2.5 million yen or more) among the 100 people can only guarantee department.
Served as the heroine became a hit drama of the most this year, “Jin JIN ~ ~” in (TBS), starring and determined by “Sakura eightfold” NHK Taiga Drama long-sought in ’13, is casting the most drama world It is said that even one of the difficult actress.
It should create a “legend Ayase” a new drama to be played with Kimura Takuya “Antarctica” (TBS) is also, aired the “October.Click to grab the hearts of men busty character, catastrophe problems with Osawa Takao was surge a fan of female audience.Moreover, while hottest so far, at all bad reputation does not come hear for Ayase.Is there a guarantee drawback is high, for the time being, Ayase popularity should follow “(production related persons)
It’s Ayase that seems almost perfect, but not there disadvantage?
By way by force “, only one point of love constitution.It would really love to the person that you co-star.Stakeholders around also in suspense there.Also catastrophe and after Osawa, and this has been quite a good atmosphere and Tsutsumi Shinichi co-starred in the movie “Princess Toyotomi” At one time,.It seems to be the type that can not be said to hate When Kudoka “(insider)