Mizuho silver, silver Incorporated or merger in spring ’13

Nihon Keizai Shimbun dated 18 May 2011 is reported to be, is considering in the direction of Mizuho Financial Group (FG) under the umbrella, Mizuho Corporate Bank and Mizuho Bank to merge in spring 2013. Yasuhiro Sato, president of Mizuho Corp

silver, introduced in advance from June 11 the personnel system who also serve as president of Mizuho FG. I want to reform a system that people from three lines of the former first Kangyo, old Fuji, the Imperial Japanese box office so far share the top. To review as well as centralized decision-making, put the silver Corp of wholesale and retail Mizuho silver under the umbrella of the “two-line system”, leading to the improvement of the profitability and efficiency of management. Also

, Mizuho silver caused a system failure a large immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, but the system failure a large second time following the inception. It is expected that the FSA make administrative punishment nearby, but there was criticism complexity of decision-making and spread the trouble. The

, 18 on May Mizuho FG announced the comment and “does it represent that it has investigated concrete”. And

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