The topic “It’s like a park toilet” house Dream House is a “great”

In the planning of the television program, the house was built at the request of a couple of general has become a big topic on the net to be “too great”.

October 2011 Variety owner in accordance with the recruitment of the program ask the architect, the camera would follow to get up to build a house of ideal “completed! Dream House” of (TV Tokyo) in the 9th episode, 30’s couple of Chiba appeared as owner.

“Soil come.Said soil and Future “, home of the soil block to buy land in the 19 million yen in Chiba city completed a couple.Were asked to design the architect wife that big fan in order to build a new home here.

Wife rare home stand out “.Individual Disconnect stunned appearance.Hope to be “want to live in a work of art.In response to this, architect, decide to build a house with blocks made of soil.”Eco-friendly material as the soil is not” that’s because they return to the soil easily when you dispose.

I thought my wife first, “soil is not a future,” but, “Do come to architect.Satisfactory to the time being it is said soil and Future “.Then, it started to work from a place that make the block of 2400 in the soil in July 2010, it was brought from sand collected lot of Narita and was completed in September 2011.

“Where this house and just have to relax” 51 square meters studio first, terrible is it that appearance.The square without request as originally expected and shaped like an oval outer wall is distorted.It is felt that in the one-story studio specifications without partition, 51 square meters of space is spread as it is in.

Bedroom also great.I sleep and I spread the futon in there if there is a loft space of 4.8 tatami mats, but the rod of acrylic prevent falls is stood nothing this, this brings on a strange atmosphere on the edge.

This is topic on the net from the broadcast immediately after, “This, whether a place where people really live in two-channel …?Writing anywhere in this “house and” just have to relax “was flooded.In addition there is the impression that “I toilet like a park”, pointed out, “futon is gonna become sticky in oil” is also out because it is in a part just above the kitchen loft space for the appearance of a rounded.

Cost of land is the 19 million yen, price, total of 39 million (not including design costs) ¥ 20 million to construction costs.View that “39 million yen total damage” had come out in the net, but the wife is like the small “feeling.You can feel the presence of each other, even if it away.It was a happy and very satisfied “.

Sometimes a house in the same room bath, toilet and bedroom also previously appeared, it became topic “Dream House”.October 10 broadcast the next day, “Dream House” has become the first place temporary Google Hot Trends rankings this time, It ‘s certainly the great success that the program basis.

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