Harvest was born in Japan of course representative versus Tajikistan, winning

Even though it great difference of 8 points and with, Tajikistan player go past laughing the mixed zone even existed.Was there something they really aim to.

Japan was bombarded mercilessly Tajikistan that do not show the fighting spirit.71.7% in Japan, Tajikistan 28.3%, ball possession becomes a deployment unilateral and one 39 this pair shoot number, Japan to create a goal-scoring opportunity many times.Total player except the Konno and Kawashima that gives off a shot, conditions such as training offense and defense is fixed was followed by 90 minutes.

After the game, words that get on the ball ‘s after another from players.”Should I forget to say that this game” (Hasebe) “it has been fully overconfidence themselves in this team we would end” (Nagatomo).It was so easy game, but there were also events that still may have important implications for the future Japan.

First, that Hafner is cited first international goal in the first starting.Kirin Challenge Cup four days ago, was Hafner that change appearance was postponed hastily by injury Makino in the Vietnam war, but 11 minutes to get the first goal to fit in the head a cross Komano in this game which has become the production Give hit.It has proved that it took the goal from the same form even 47 minutes, it becomes a new choice of FW.Zaccheroni and director won the bet of Hafner appointment.

Then, the goal was born in Kagawa.It was Kagawa the ball is too entered the feet, judgment had worsened the situation late in the Vietnam war, but 41 minutes, taking the score with twist tricks of the ankle when reacted sharply to the path of Nakamura.It was a goal that will be the opportunity to beleaguered No. 10 is cut off stray.

The movement of the ball becomes smooth by Nakamura in the top under Furthermore, a new variation of the attack increases has been reaffirmed.In addition to the team a seasoned different again with Honda, it must Zaccheroni director also recognized that the play has a destructive power.

It was claimed that Komano is listed first goal at the end, can not be ignored as one of the candidates for the back side, which has been hard-fought of.It was alive and well mood maker the first time.

However, none are intended to Yorokoberu openly as “results” in this caller.”If you take a Yarere against an opponent of this severe level, that there is still a sense of fulfillment” players also know that (Nakamura) it.

Nevertheless, away the next, win against Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and North Korea make, Japan became the final qualifying advance is determined by this victory.Can be in an area not a friendly match are a variety of tri-, including a 3-4-3 to be determined by the following Moshimo.Maturity of the team will be further increased.

Do not struggled against in the next game, such as laughing and losing.No, Japan is not supposed to struggle at this stage.Japan’s goal is clear, has become a ruthless team can say proudly so.

Reports / forest Masashi