Takeshi touches the taboo at a wedding reception

Blog Beat Takeshi, was transcribed the full text of congratulations at a wedding reception of forest owners Sanpei has become a hot topic.
Beat Takeshi, congratulations full text of Gordon Sanpei wedding reception – anthem “mumble” Shinji

Content reminiscent of the retirement of Shinsuke’s case of “we have refused to black dating” had become a hot topic in the news, but it does not stop there,.

It’s possible to the mouth and imposing what to say “half brother of Sanpei do you?” And “was said to Come to’ll give 500,000 to Shumei” while a place of auspicious reception, also taboo would only Takeshi.

also when referring to programs that Sanpei and his wife met on “Mito Komon”
“When I say what the TBS and alas, it is that person of the re-broadcasting of high viewer ratings than the actual broadcast and”
And do not forget the humor that poison and.

In this way, congratulations Takeshi incorporating also irony to the media was filled with waste fun to just show off at a wedding reception.