Past escape in the trunk of the taxi for Hoshino Mr. Norihiro Nakamura acquisition

Tiger fan to worry that it is “than go back to those days” Also, look at the Hanshin Mayumi Continue shameless fight CS advance conflict with the giants should not a few.The thought, field? Katsuyoshi, who put a knife to “No tiger constitution” as former president Hanshinkyudan also harbor.

Mr. Katsuyoshi Nozaki (69), seconded to the Tigers baseball team as managing director in 1996.Served as team president 2001 to 2004 (he left in 2007).Katsuya Nomura is the director of the first outsider, Nozaki, who was involved in the invitation of both Senichi Hoshino director, says the episode of Hoshino era.

Off of 1997, the first encounter with the Hoshino and I, when I was a trade-story lacked unity between China and Japan and the Hanshin.The Hanshin, basically, by matching a list of other team players that lists up in the field, to determine the exchange conditions, trade will proceed in a way that get the approval of the Head Office.

At the time, my house because it was necessary reinforcement of the catcher, I wanted to win Takeshi Nakamura of China and Japan.Multiple trades I was together, but since the list you are released from this place, there was the name of the Hiyama SusumuJiro of sale at the time, I had become broken off NG is out of the head office.Hoshino to hear it,

Story made of the “on-site or even do become useless.So Hanshin’s no good ”

It has been cut in two and.Impression that Na Ya scary people (laughter).But, I discovered that there was a team that was entrusted with full powers to the influential director in human resources is one way that also, how strong.

It was amazing passion for baseball Hoshino.It is a (2002) when trying to erotic Norihiro Nakamura in FA.In order to advance the negotiations in secret, in order to sow the media, from the underground car park of the hotel where the negotiations, Hoshino escaped by hiding in the trunk of the taxi.You did think that it is, or do up there (laughter).

Mr. Nomura was no different, but it was the story well and thoroughly in advance and himself when it dropped to two Army major.To be properly handled and future team situation, players will also convince.Hoshino’s quit in the two years I was told you they “win escape”, but ridiculous.I can not forget the diagnostic content of the attending physician at the time.

The blood pressure is 150 110 with only wearing a uniform everyday, to go up further as the game progresses.It was stress-related high blood pressure of the drink antihypertensive two types of on-site.The phrase “death and will continue as is”, it was said by a doctor really.I wanted I will continue to Hoshino more, but impossible could not say.

※ 21 Oct. 2011 Shukan Post