October 14 “new iPhone” release! IPhone entry or medicine or poison to take to KDDI

The new iPhone is, could lead to “poison apple” strangle the neck of their own enough to sell if Urere for KDDI.It seems to have become a trigger for demodulating from sluggish, but the side effects may be greater.

From KDDI at last “.the iPhone, more “connection” ”

October 6, show a slide show written this, Makoto Takahashi, Managing Director of KDDI which gave a lecture in Chiba city, stressed the height of the communication quality, “I want to deliver the best network”.Since its announced the early morning of the 5th the day before, Apple is to sell KDDI from the new iPhone4S, KDDI and Softbank plays a game of cat and mouse.

Was ahead of the curve it’s Softbank.The 5th, President Masayoshi Son on Twitter, there is a communication speed of its spread is referred to as the “14.4 megabits per second maximum downlink” which is 4.6 times of KDDI.

However, it is not only the theoretical value only it.KDDI leaders that night, saw the tweet overwhelming advantage in the size of the “area.Is not worried at all.It was a smile of the room to be “seen it if I use it.

The pricing was noted, KDDI is planted.Early morning of the 7th, I announced a plan for the (64GB) 860 yen a month from (16GB) 0 円 virtually the terminal price.Than the usual smart phone, I have to ¥ 4,980 per month cheap 480 yen flat rate data.

On the other hand, held an emergency conference on the 7th day, Mr. Son has announced that it is to (64GB) 880 yen a month from (16GB) 0 yen terminal price.Is written as (64GB) 960 yen a month in the documentation that was distributed in the conference, I was suggesting that the adjustment is continued until the last minute.

I give out free in real terms until iPad2 deferred, of tablet devices and ¥ 4,410 ¥ 570 a month cheaper than KDDI data flat rate further.Contract who is a model before the “3G” and “3GS” is to change to the “4S” is also free.In addition, and that the cash back to 6000 yen to customers who paid the terminal price already, it’s hard-line tactic, which is not acceptable Narifuri.

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