Suspicion “actually quite rich” has emerged as Big Daddy

Document program in close contact with the large family around the linker Kiyoshi’s Big Daddy that you have brought up 4 M 4 woman in Otokode one “thrilling! Big Daddy”, broadcasting since the start of 2006, total 13 in October there is a feeling that will be broadcasting the first time, popular in the living room was also established.

Currently, four woman 1 M previous marriage of wife 18 years younger remarried to 4 F 4 M is added, the family of Big Daddy swelled to a large family of a total of 15 people.

However, suspicion “Kanemawari of Big Daddy is wrong” has erupted on the net come here.

It is a Big Daddy that was engaged in the orthopedic clinic in Amami Oshima Originally, it was out to migrant in a way that does not earn enough, is hired by Toyota.It becomes a situation where tight that they had to be migrant, and moreover that there are 10 children or more, although there is a child allowance how much, that household is a fiery chariot can easily imagine.

However, in the show one day in October, aired on two consecutive weeks and the 8th, moved to Shodo Island left the orthopedic clinic of Toyota, orthopedic clinic in Shodo and purchase, the House charter, to Shodoshima a microbus Upon moving further In such a practice, Kanemawari is I wish awfully.In addition, from the program watcher on the net, writing “child is wearing a T-shirt of brand-name products sometimes” and also stand out.

By most definitions, capital of ¥ 1 million or more would be necessary at least in the practice of orthopedic clinic.It was a “borrowed from a friend” is in the program, but if have a friend who lend money easily so much, It’s What you likely to seek help at an earlier stage, but ….

Report and “are making money appeared to lecture I make use of the name recognition” is also one after another on the net.For the lecture, in the pattern that was held actually in May 2011, the audience who participated have noted the pattern to blog.Given the current state of Big Daddy there is a name recognition than the poor entertainer, be a several hundreds of thousand yen at least is expected to guarantee the lecture.

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In addition, it alleged that “or not than have received a large amount of the guarantee from the TV station” also erupted.It is a Big Daddy that was negative for the presence of guarantee in some weekly magazine, but according to industry participants, if you do a program of large family mono, that it is market’s pay 3 million yen about guarantee each broadcasting a single.

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If and have received a guarantee of market street from the TV station hypothetically speaking, and the combined income in the core business, the lecture fee, it is calculated that income of 10 million yen or more is tumbling in the bosom of Big Daddy.

It’s Big Daddy family that is pleasing to the audience in stormy life, but what if there is a figure of the family to live in a cheerful mood while poor it.Knowing Big Daddy and makes money of 10 million yen or more, then the audience that ends up wet blanket too? Would not be many?

It’s what the Big Daddy, I want to prove by all means that a number of questions that have erupted on the net is a groundless rumor.