Nagabuti Tsuyoshi-setsu or live emerged from the disaster area as the centerpiece of red and white NHK

Annual event at the end of the year, NHK Red and White Singing Contest.Has attracted the attention of now 1 month ago played singer announced, and Who is to compete, but Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi (55) has emerged as the centerpiece of this year’s artists.

Red and white “this year is expected to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake is the theme.Based on these themes, NHK also believes a variety of production everywhere.Participation of the singer in the affected areas from SenMasao, Ninuma Kenji, Muneyuki Sato et al’s being considered is one of them.I’m a Nagabuti aggressive outreach among such, participation is’s been promising as a highlight of the maximum “(sports newspaper entertainment reporter)

After the earthquake, etc. to entertain the Self-Defense Forces and shelter of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Nagabuti has done vigorously support activities.Announces reconstruction support the song “TRY AGAIN for JAPAN” in the September.Powerful voice and music of high message is consistent with the theme suddenly you are greatly encouraged victims, NHK aims, and More More.

Record company officials reveal.

In the “red and white, live live from the disaster area due to big game singer is being considered.As a candidate, you have Mr.Children and Kuwata Keisuke, is Dreams Come True, et al, but last year, Mr.Children to 2008, Kuwata has played almost every year Dreams Come True, eyeball feeling weak.In that respect, Nagabuti does not come out for nearly 10 years, and I will be a big surprise if participation ”

There are other reasons why participation is promising.Recently, NHK and Nagabuti ‘s has built a very good relationship.

Can I say the relationship of mutual affection “Now.NHK “SONGS”, NHK · BS as “SONGS PREMIUM”, Nagabuti that do not appear in music program rarely has also appeared twice on October 13 in July this year.Or strategic move to the red and white “in the music industry?It has become a hot topic and quite “.Both are content with the theme of disaster relief, Nagabuti had put a song passion.In red and white, will not reason to refuse if live live to become disaster relief “(owner company records supra)

Speaking of red and white of Nagabuti, when the turmoil of 1990, was first appearance in live from Berlin remembered.Ignore the progress, on three songs such as “Cheers”, sang more than 15 minutes alone, has received criticism, speaking as “octopus” to the local staff.Were then returned to the red and white 2003, since then it is not competed.Is it the singing of a live relay of “fate” in the participation of eight years it’s … attention.