Shibaku the monopoly of the lowest heaven Dohatsu wide TEPCO ever! Suggests the restructuring measures (5) bullshit

To the attitude of these TEPCO, Hosono Gokokorozashi nuclear accident convergence ministers (40) are also laid bare the anger.He says,

“Electricity tariff burden is a burden on the public itself, so to solve the problem it’s how easy most.Salary of the officer also, he was not highly paid balls popping N eyes we TEPCO.Including also those things, there is also a part that can be more restructuring, and will also explore other that there is a way I can do that without raising electricity charges ”

In the previous hearing, for TEPCO, the government has ordered as “put out a business plan that the company will be slim” for reparations ensure.In other words, it’s restructuring plan.

Of the approximately 53,000 employees of Tokyo Electric Power Group, independent committee of the government to advance the management and review asset assessment of TEPCO, create a report indicating a reduction of 7400 people.In addition, it is also touched on the possibility that mentions the need of investment by the nuclear damage compensation support mechanism the government was established in September 12, TEPCO is placed in the public management under substantial.

But for this “nationalization” plan, Katsumata permanent chairman of Tokyo Electric Power (71),

“All right.There is a secret plan ”

And, that leaked words have a terrible attitude.

In fact, TEPCO is had already suggested in the seat of the hearing, the intention.

“I cut the (personnel corresponding to the cost of) worth 500 billion yen over the next one year”

It is a restructuring measures TEPCO explained.But government side heard this immediately

It is a number of makeshift “.That was cross-sectional Ji added, “is a fool.Treasury executives previously described, the reason.

400 billion yen net profit after deducting such as labor costs and fuel costs from 5 trillion yen sales “year, all expenses.TEPCO, was claimed to be, will be 4 trillion yen in 10 years if Atere to compensate for this money ”

The independent committee, TEPCO has estimated that 4 trillion 540 billion yen to bear total compensation.By the way, ¥ 400 billion, it is the amount of after paid salaries to employees, the wound is not to stick to company.Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry officials pick up a trace.

The government is concluded should be able to, such as restructuring of the amount in excess of net income is, no, it was dismissed as “Unlikely Nantes” 500 billion yen “But.Then TEPCO I said,.I’ll do from the “bottom.I will try of course, but also my house, and “because there is a huge sub-contractors on the inner.The body is that TEPCO, that employees of TEPCO to protect as much as possible, related companies such as Kandenko, which truncates the subsidiary.I became “This is a terrible story,” and indeed ”

While causing a catastrophe only that, so that the wound is not to tell, and They just want to survive and snugly, TEPCO is you’re trying to Yarisugoso in personnel reductions cheat on their only.

It should be noted that, according to the estimates of the third-party committee, that it is possible to cost savings of 2 trillion 412 billion yen over the next 10 years.In other words, 241.2 billion yen year.Again, I can not help saying it was a number of whitewash nonsense to 500 billion yen TEPCO.

TEPCO executives was kowtowing accident immediately after the establishment since the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages,

“As of Mizuwoetauo, yea, began to take a cavalier attitude to the past it” (political journalist)

And that they are careless remark this without scruple.

“That even if there are not enough, I do I do this in the tax”

True form of TEPCO that licked off people.The guys like this, it must not be allowed absolutely.