Households become a deficit most in a year in surplus trend from October to December May

Household account book that “savings” comes out just wear every day.If we add another twist, it becomes be pooled in a planned manner more money.The author as “household notebook 2012” saving power “comes up just to rank” best-selling of (Shogakukan), knowing the average of savings of “monthly, Hosono Masahiro’s popular charismatic lecturer, the strongest to protect the household it is pointed out that, “as a force to continue the household accounts of weapon.Savings amount varies greatly each month, that there is a month to be in deficit month and become surplus.

● average savings of each month in a household by household surveys ●
January: -3474 yen
February: ¥ 44,230
March: -2 ten thousand ¥ 9,582
April: -4664 yen
May 3: ten thousand ¥ 1,282
June: 228,561 yen
July: ¥ 73,667
August: ¥ 10,505
September: -9138 yen
October: ¥ 46,286
November: 8181 yen
December: ¥ 319,117

Looking at the above, in January while the deficit of 3474 yen, as such deficit …… nearly 30,000 yen again March and surplus, ¥ 40,000 more than in February, that there is a variation in the amount of savings by each month I see that.

I’m supposed to deficit spending across the homecoming and a New Year’s present due to high “in January.On the other hand, in the case of February, according to the money, such as meals I have already done less number of days is small 2 to 3 than in other months.In March before the new year begins, there is a tendency for such entertainment expenses is higher “(Mr. Hosono)

In the first place one year, if there is a “month that is hard to accumulate” and “easy to accumulate month”, balance of the household I have used there is a monthly variation.If you do not know this fact, it is often at the mercy of the ups and downs of household.For example, lead to Dari convinced You can misunderstand that it has a big savings in January → 2 month it was too extravagant in February-March.

The “I was sick in the red even with, even if I rank …”

Who ended up frustrated with a household account book in the past, such a person seems to many.It should be it.Those who start from January are often family budget, but it’s a thing that should be in deficit more basically until May.

On the contrary, if the Norikoere May, “Road surplus” after the waiting.In the three months since October, accumulated a total of 370,000 yen or more in particular.Of the 650,000 yen annual average savings, they would be able to save at this time more than half.

The “bonus month other than, I find that hard to save money unexpectedly.If you know this knowledge, you can do not fret on whether surplus or deficit, one year and start earning money in a planned manner “(Mr. Hosono)

Even people who did not come hard at saving, since October, the recovery’s still possible!

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women