Takanohana master to disciple also training in the full withdrawal ban “double dipping” of the Board and income room expenses

When Elections of sumo that re-election is scheduled for February next year, part-time with the director will not be able to, master currently is doing a room management is that it will have to be away from the room management If you want to run for the board of directors was found.
Improving the problems that have been pointed out from Governance Committee for the Improvement of “sumo reform, I was determined by the Board of Directors recently.When I held the positions of the association, such as director, you must go to work to Kokugikan at 9 in the morning.Of course, it is not without choice but to be doing master of the room with the guidance of the disciples.However, are paid from the Association raising cost of disciples master that is not doing anything to train disciples.About 2 million yen a year the amount, per capita disciple.It’s been pointed out also becomes a director, the allowance is “double-dealing of salary”, but leave Apart from that “(sumo stakeholders)

Aspects before modern Sumo Association but are corrected, a pretty much talk.It’s up to the person whether to focus on the association positions as director, or to focus on room management, but is noted that it’s Takanohana master to aim the president of the future.
Sports newspaper reporter says.
While it has a mansion in Tokyo, to live together with his wife and children, “Takanohana master lives in the only disciple of Takanohana room Nakanoshinbashi.Tokiwa mountain master of hitting the usual guidance (in the original sub-junior champion Ryuzo cedar), “room Mountain Tokiwa” virtually.Naturally, you will want to concentrate on the association positions as room with master and this happens ”

Generation change should proceed is also director of the lineup in the election of officers of February.Master crowd of baby boomers disappear.
Some of the young “master, people of indifference more than a few in the clan system, such as in the past.Also unwritten law that every two out of the clan each officer, might disappear one “(sumo stakeholders)

If that happens, it may also accelerate reform sumo.
Some boss wife who own the master strain while being in the “Association outside, keep a tight grip on the room to have nothing to do.It is also no longer allowed in the spring next year.Female enters considerably before modernity of sumo, ventilation is better “(sports newspaper reporter)

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