Divorced marriage history was discovered girls Ana under the “News Watch 9” imminent marriage

That Toshi Ayako hole served as sportscaster sign of NHK news program of “News Watch 9” (30), married to the end of the year (35) Mr. Yasufuku Kazuki professional sports trainer revealed.
“2 people seems to have decided that I met through a mutual acquaintance around June of last year, to get married after dating for about a year and a half” (NHK officials)

And gained experience as a sports representative in Sendai bureau, Toshi Ana, was transferred to Tokyo announcement room three years ago.
You should have been feeling the pressure equivalent to receiving “appointed after Tokyo, Aoyama Yuko Ana is of who is selected for Maine” News Watch 9 “, since in sports in charge immediately.Still, I was devoted to work diligently “(same)

The splash the pressure to succeed veteran Ana, it seems to have been received a good evaluation.
However, people who know well the private her, told a totally different impression.
When I knew her marriage in “sports newspaper, and I thought it was there!?.Because, she’m married once.So, look at the news, I learned for the first time when I was divorced and the husband of the previous “(official bureau era)

Wow, Toshi Ana married men is a musician immediately prior to going to transfer to Tokyo.And he that had me give you a grand expression in Tokyo.
“In the party, it had reproduced in the VTR Naresome.2 people have attended the same elementary school, and Maybe you was first love for Toshi’s.Suddenly, a letter arrived from him on the basis of her companionship with nature seems to have started while you stay in touch from getting girls hole “(the same)

It is expanded, such as the Korean drama like solid, but did not seem to be in a celebratory mood one color necessarily.
I looked to the other party disproportionate to her that you are working as a “Women’s Ana.To say that musicians, and vocal of the band that does not sell, such as do not know at all the names.Had received the proposal is, and so was the schoolyard of the elementary school that memories for two people, she would be Hodasare by such director, and was married at the market it is clear.It is! “I thought it was … and there are times like that you can not in any way”, she herself also I had been showing “weaknesses fell in love” “(the same)

After all, marriage of two people who were married in the momentum did not last long expected the surrounding streets.
Divorce cause is not clear, but an acquaintance from school days that you went to Gakushuin Women’s University, recalls how this relationship with the opposite sex of her.
Not impression especially conspicuous “college, it was sober and if anything, but I there were incessantly boyfriend.It seems to have been dating director of the station and university students of Waseda, which met in volleyball circles, from getting classmate of junior high school age, member of society ”

Contrary to the sober appearance, Toshi Ana boasts a gorgeous male itinerant.Of course, more of the night seems to have been thriving Contact.
When you are going out with college students of “Waseda, they both were home residence.You are etched in the “Where to Ayako?Why do not you hear that, “we have the answer calmly I” ‘s Hotel “Ikebukuro (laughs)” (same)

It’s real face that is too carnivorous system too have a well-educated women.
About being divorced, NHK Department of Public Information comments that it “can not answer because such things private”.The wedding will be held in Tokyo, Toshi Ana to show off the wedding dresses for the second time in life.
However, to see the man itinerant until now, there is a voice to be worried about whether this happiness is whether the long-lasting also fact.Want to “watch” the remarriage.