Can you how much solar power generation – to think about the power policy?

I am writing that blog, I bought a LED bulb to yesterday, far from grated yam, word was missing. Sorry to be a pain
. It becomes
Again, a year and a half ago, my house, introduced a solar power. As a result
, partly because selling price of electricity is high, gas prices and electricity bill in the total fell dramatically. In

, as power-saving measures this summer, I bought a LED light bulb. Anyway
, and I bought six for living. Topic of

today is from here. The solar power generation this
, cost (as you know) is high is. If those
currently trying to introduce single-family homes in general, 2 million yen in just equipment, it costs about 2.5 million yen to put also ancillary facilities. Of course
, there is a subsidy of the country, but it is about ¥ 200,000. After that, (it was confirmed to skilled in the art) to ask the discount to skill in the art, and seems to feel that about 2 million yen. (Depending on roof size and shape of the house, of course) I think I am sorry to have become a fine story fairly realistic
, the cost that he’s a two million yen around. By the way

, I think I think in the current energy situation, that it is not possible to stop the nuclear power plant immediately, and that it does not stop until an alternative can be. If
, assuming that all primary stop = decommissioning this year, power supply is reduced about 30% simply. Sonaruto
, problem appears by the Japanese economy, such as damage to the (I would say the national wealth) industry in Japan. To put it simple
, the people I fall into poverty with everyone. ‘m

It, you’ll trouble. I think there may be some people who say, “because poverty also willing, lay off the nuclear power plant” and

, but the poverty is more painful. I think of the “good even poor”
is, that it is dominated by feelings of that time, it is emitted is large. It also exaggeration, of Japan “selling” is not limited to electricity, but it is a “good quality”, it is that “supply the electricity quality in a stable manner anywhere anytime”

Poverty ( perhaps, even now …). (Although I think that political interest and also it has any) is the reason was also a nuclear power plant for the
. However
, as of recent, if there is a possibility, such as less than the demand amount of power, and thus it can not supply a stable, I could be a power supply of poor quality. I do not think a place like that
, industries with a high value-added and develop. When Japanese companies build factories abroad, and its stability and power supply capacity,

This is should be the most important item. I think in

On the other hand, as the lessons of Fukushima this time, that the earthquake in Japan large country, it will continue to operate as ever nuclear power plant, the future, and also it is necessary to change. I think but
, as a nation, to become poor is that it is not allowed. I think so

, it’s early need Yara innovation, policy shift to energy alternative to nuclear power plant as possible. Claim of this blog

is that there is a need to develop soot early alternative energy alternative to nuclear power plant. It is that there is no way to live only innovation. I think
the meantime, is not forced to use the primary. Sometimes
, scholars, now, there is the one that (even to cut the power of = 30%) even when you stop the nuclear power plant, claiming Japan is able to do if the power saving of about 20%, but the speculation of such a desk It is a good. The first place
, do they guarantee how the power savings of 20%. It’s good, even 10%, even 20%

but if there is not enough amount of power, companies I just move abroad. (In Japanese, there are people that rejection is also a lot to say this) (always)

savings is not necessarily the good deeds necessarily. To return to the story of

beginning, but solar power is a powerful tool indeed. If there is a leadership in
Prime Minister Naoto Kan, but in a different building codes, such as “be a solar panel roof of Japan”, you may need to promote. Speaking clearly

, is whether there is a belief in him. It becomes the thing of course
, when only solar panels, ‘What about the Night “Nantes’ rainy day’. So
, at the same time, there needs to be developed on the fly to the storage technology (lagging). However

, in solar power, the amount of power generation are few. Output of solar panels of
home is national average nearly 4KW. However
, in reality, power of 4KW impossible, in a little over 3kw at best, something like that 1kw is morning or evening, or will average about 2kw. As 10 hours a day
, if the basic zero, well, because it makes it power generation is 250 days, about 2 × 10 × 250 = 5000kwh is the annual energy production is a rainy day. In fact

, power generation amount of home away from home last year was just 5000kwh. With that said
, it is rough, but it does have 5000kwh on average. (, There will likely be a detached installation impossible) that you want to set up to 75% of the Home of Japan, a panel of equivalent
this. The
Family, because there are about 27 million units, and the installation of 20 million units, it is 5000 × 2000 万 = 100 billion kwh = 100TWH and (Terra). Nuclear power generation amount of
year is 280TWH. To borrow
, power generation amount of sunlight even twice, still are, it will not be enough. The

after, it is a strange story, but, perhaps, not available because land will most likely, there, near the nuclear power plant Fukushima, and also make solar power plant. The
within 3km radius, if irrational, 30k square meters you can use the land roughly. What about the
there, when you install the solar panels. (About 1.6 square meters, actually) 2 m2 one
panel, if the 200W, a panel of about 15 million pieces because I can put in the land of 30k square meters, 15 million × 0.2kw = 300 万 KW at the output of the half, if 10 hours, 250 days, it will be 3 million × 10 × 250 = 75 億 kwh in the same way. It is just 8TWH. If you calculated as this

, still, in the solar power, it is not a substitute for nuclear power. You will need storage technology in addition
. Absolutely
, We need innovation one step more.
After, if well three times performance, alternative possibilities is likely to be higher. The idea of ​​

other, what geothermal power generation only in Japan.
Since this is not familiar, can not be calculated. I think as

conclusion, the time being, and there is only interact well with primary. There is also
firepower, but the Middle East risk it will be higher in addition …
whether withstand the rise in crude oil prices. It is the one that is including its side
, I want you to think about energy policy and the separation of power generation and transmission. It is somehow

but, occasionally, the government, very much, there are times when you would appear to bullying TEPCO. It looks but also to have, if we can so
, popular and appear in the administration, and it looks as if they only TEPCO is responsible.

I, I think the responsibility of government is heavy. Anyway

, now, it is to have ceased the nuclear accident.

Priority, there is. It is

aside, Saito, president of Tokyo Stock Exchange, was saying that decent.
(That is rare)