If Japan disappeared in the disaster if [France] blog?”Global loss”

The Japanese earthquake has occurred, the situation of the reconstruction has been attracting attention from all over the world.Information such as an earthquake of medium-sized also been reported abroad in recent years, Japan has been recognized once again as natural disasters are often.

Meanwhile, online magazine site of France in “Suite101”, you have to consider the circumstances of the case that Japan had sank disaster Moshimo.

First, pointed out that if one nation is gone, and there is a problem in a businesslike.If split or merger of the country, the country that has been certified and then takes over that of its territory.However, it is stated in addition to when it comes to disappear sank, the payment of such repayment of government bonds can not be a problem if the nationality of the Japanese who survived is such as you hear that would occur.

In addition, the collapse of the political balance also cites.If Japan is gone, China is lined up as soon as the champion of Asia, it is predicted that would dominate the Asia.In addition, since the situation that can have power in Asia military and political face precisely because there is Japan, US influence weakens in Asia US.In this case, I have noted the influence that a small country such as Taiwan of a situation where due to military facilities in the United States in Japan, safety is maintained is also subject would be great.

In addition, I have said that the technical capabilities that Japan produces, is to the world is no longer that’s global loss.The technology of Japan, there is also an advanced technology, such as not Umidase outside Japan, it predicts that Japan is lost, the speed of technological development in the future would also fall.

And was also so far that the island on earth sinking, the author is a national of the island nation of Japan, but it is a country of the top class in the world in the technical as well on the economic front, the world will change Once this is sinking I shows the view that would be.(Editors: Yamashita Sen-mei-bi Koji Yamaguchi)