Hong Kong – have experience 30% of women in hospitality industry has received a sexual harassment

October 16, 2011, according to the Hong Kong China communication 訊社, from the results of surveys bride On’na-kyo Susumu-kai of Hong Kong (The Association for the Advancement of Feminism) was published on the 15th, and 30% of women such as the hospitality industry in Hong Kong It was found that there is that it has received a sexual harassment from customers.I have sexual harassment is prevalent in society the association, that there is a need to strengthen the protection of working women.Chugoku Shimbun told.

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The survey was carried out for flight attendant women and nurses layer age youth work of 200 people, waitresses, hairdressers, and salesperson.As a result, the people who have ever received a sexual harassment or hung the word about the appearance from the customer, or is obscene expression, such as are invited to meals is greater than 30% was found.

However, the person who answered the person that answered never leaving appealed to equal opportunities committee is an organization that performs consultation and mediation, such as gender discrimination accounted for the majority, and did not know the existence of the Commission 60% I went up close.(Translation and editing / Okada)