I think that a young man, and to earn something in the primary

Nuclear power business in Japan was entering a new phase in that the May 8, the government makes a complete suspension request of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, Chubu Electric also decided to accept. You should be achieved first
is a cooling of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, those who discuss whether tackle how to health problems in the future of the people involved in the work and the lack of workers that will occur in the future is tipped , I have no idea. Large issues such as whether to maintain the nuclear power plant or,
or nuclear phase wonder what dont quaere only within that slide into one by one solve the problem that can not be avoided in the emergency such. ‘s Column
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last time, I was proposed to participate in the processing work by people over the age of 45 to live in the metropolitan area. There are echoes of
fairly, there was some opinion that ridiculed the idea of ​​me, but I think we of positive reactions is or not were many as far as it was a quick look. While criticizing the government response and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, media such as television and newspaper
, was repeated for more than two months the stance convey the struggle of the first time people in the affected areas. However, the cooling of the primary object of the present, is not Prove breakthrough aggressive any. Meanwhile
, broadcast May 9 in the “news station”, there is a feature called .

From the beginning, the figure of workers who Zakone to the gym is projected, people of about 200 people in how to Tsutsumaru sleeping bag on top of the thin sheet, I do not get tired in this and a funnel to worry. Without any of the familiar, even partition by cardboard, etc. with
shelter, there was a warning and will not withstand the stress of minimum privacy sooner or later has to be secured from the doctor. Also, note you should consider the measures as soon as possible also going to bed that remain wearing protective clothing, because there is a risk of skin infectious disease to spread is nice and has been made. It is not put into a bath only once in four days
, mat or blanket himself is that repeated use, there is no doubt that it is a poor environment and unhygienic significantly. In
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program, interviews with two men in their 20s that came to the Fukushima nuclear power plant was also recently reported. Two
was working as a construction worker at the local city together. However, it decided to be tempted by the high wages of 30,000 yen per diem because there is no work, and to the handling work in the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In the installation of the scaffold, and are you
charge work day 3 hours to reduce the risk of exposure. Radioactivity scary, but if I get a much, was to sign a written consent of the agency.

they are working is close to the reactor building In, not only separated only 2-3 m. I was told and not touch the stuff for the time being < . When you "(radiation dose because high) Do not touch or too much" from the speech>
, and Geiger counter (= dosimeter) is probably not wearing. According to the article Sports Hochi has been delivered to the May 10, that had many a person who has hit the work while not passed a Geiger counter. It is reported that “exposure dose was measured then was below the standard” or, but how far do not know is true with it. In the article the newsletter has been delivered to the May 9
, it has been reported that workers with 30 or more has been the exposure of more than 100 mSv already. After

nuclear accident, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was raised to 250 millisieverts from 100 millisieverts a conventional exposure limit of male workers, but workers were exposed to more than 240 mSv already that are named. At the end of the special
of “news station”, a video interview for the men in their 20s that are working from March 28 has been washed away. After filling in the works for three weeks already, surprised the interviewer and told mused when I exposed by about three millisieverts a day, man was said:. Is not it not stay only about three months
Working <, at best. Is not it not help only about 2-3 months, and that it is 3 mSv per day everyone>
radiation exposure, even if raised to 250 millisieverts an upper limit, 80 days inside and outside only hits to work with simple calculation. As I mentioned in the previous column, I suspect depletion of workers become a real problem sooner or later. However
, is a story on the assumption that the radiation dose is measured accurately, it is but not fuel the anxiety and suspect that the the measured (lax) lax considerable practice doubts remain. The workers were hired through temporary agencies and employees of Tokyo Electric Power, or complain to the health and environment work, the biggest problem of
current situation, in the process of work in the Fukushima nuclear power plant, asked for improvement The thing that is or is virtually impossible. Further would have been to go unchecked also health problems in the future. It is not a story that requires only one year and six months, the cooling of the
Fukushima nuclear power plant because he must be taken with a view to long-term measures, in order to prevent the depletion of the worker, the work environment is improved as soon as possible there is a need. Returning to the recommendations of the last time
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here, if accustomed to volunteers from the general to the handling work, the government will be forced to subjected to sufficient measures to be in a safe surface hygiene will. There is always the possibility of exposure, but to convey that effect supervisors, can I be obtained a clear answer to if you feel funny. Implicit say You feel from interviews with workers and video of local
in the “news station” is, and able to work in silence Do not say complaining, since he was hired by being tempted by high salary You’re an employee of TEPCO it is forced. Temporary workers and employees of TEPCO are scared to potential dismissal of (various) at all times, but I is the greatest strength is such a diffident’s not occur in the applicant. The brink of disaster

initially, the core of whether or not melting, dedication heroic might have needed to be sure. However, Fukushima nuclear power plant’s currently located is, I is a judgment of whether the most efficient Who How’s celebrate the processing work over a long period of time three years, and four years. Koji Igarashi Mr. Asahi Shimbun editorial board is a commentator
of “news station” even as were concerned, than was allowed in the mediation agency = arrange nurses, turn suspicion of kickback is always about. I know because there is that I
was also out on the day-labor job from Sanya to about 20 years ago, but the trick to put in the van while not tell the destination workers became old age, and that directs the primary was norm already in the mid-1980s. Moreover, labor shark ends up kickback nearly half daily allowance from the other party to pay. Also
, as is clear from the interview of “news station”, and is hitting the processing work in primary young people in their 20s involved in reproductive and 30s are invited to high-paying no doubt. Is an urgent issue is whether the corresponding how to depletion of
workers, in recognition of that fact as soon as possible, at the same time as Knuckles number of personnel required by the future, Prime Minister Kan who is hitting the processing work currently It should be also published and age structure of our Hometown. That way
, fact that middle-aged and elderly people in the metropolitan area, including me should pay the biasing of the primary policy originally, is avoiding danger is shrewdly should come to light. On you promised to fix the working environment and
, take enough to cope with health problems in the future, it is sufficient to recruit personnel from the public widely. It will not be a thing even if from the reaction to my last column, like eat the total Scandic. I wrote one year with
recommendations, but work of 2-3 months is like a limit in the amount of radiation the current. Well the contrary, people who apply also wonder not more than. By using each other to share the risk that can not be avoided
, remarks nuclear Our policy should have a weight. If you say that confront the crisis of unprecedented by
the Great East Japan Earthquake, and to regenerate Japan, the first step and should be marked by the general public to participate in the processing work at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, I thought seriously are. I want to wait for the opinion from many people continue