Soccer player Jeong large world of III Koreans! National team published decision documentary that followed the three and a half years of North Korea …… Japan turbulent birth, nationality and Korea,!

Documentary film that followed the trajectory of the soccer player Jeong large world that used to belong to Kawasaki Frontale 2006-2010 “TESE” will be published in November.This work, but human documentary chased across countries and 1,000 days around the world 6, the Zheng was born in Japan as the third generation Koreans in Japan, South Korea has a nationality, are named to the North Korea national team.

Currently in VfL Bochum 2 parts of the German Bundesliga, Zheng large world is a team-mate and Japanese players, InuiTakashi (Chung dorsum of the hand).The show he cite two goals in the home opener of the 2010-2011 season, have won high praise as early.But, the road leading up to it was not flat never.The Japanese treat even go to “Korea, even went to North Korea about the circumstances of their own.But even if they live in Japan, it is not a Japanese treat.Zheng to talk some full of home, but with …… “there is no home, Japan Nagoya born.Father was in Japan Korean II, but because the person has been educated in Korean schools, it is regarded as North Korea homeland, national team chose the DPR has been seen since Korea has rejected the North Korean citizenship Zheng, DPR Korea filled with tough initially, but as a result of the negotiations to the relationship each place, you are participating in the DPR Korea in the form found in FIFA now.But, therefore complex circumstances such, be tormented by loneliness also that there was a lot Zheng.

It is this work in a way that Haisuru the narration of any description, to draw only words and actions of Zheng itself, the appearance of such Zheng.Why is not a representative of Japan, he was born in Japan, had been active in the J-League or chose DPR Korea? Those too big young one person to shoulder the (conflict) conflict drawn Sakuchu, through the “soccer”.While continuing aim to heights as a football player, the figure of Zheng did not do have to find a homeland of their own, but as chest here you are watching is tightened.

But since it was first elected in 2007, and worked as a mainstay of the North Korean national team, in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010, Zheng, contribute to the finals competed to be 44 years of North Korea.In the form of jumping out the J-League, etc. also play overseas challenge, you are about to enter the peak right now as a football player and then.Ending once here, but football life of Zheng goes on documentary.Only after that fight the Japanese representative in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil qualifying tournament already and are determined, leaving the movie theater, you want to focus on the activities of Zheng.And has finished in the documentary work that is allowed to feel such.(Editorial Fukuda Rei)

There is also a special screening in the November 19 preceding the public at TOHO CINEMAS Kawasaki than November 26 movie “TESE”

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