[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “Mote period comes to September or later”.Nakagawa Shoko love luck of strong word is to have tight Hisamoto Masami.

Nakagawa Shoko (26) Talent told the view of love on a TV show.In the mood Manman, she was said to be entering the Mote period from fortune-teller had to introduce popular among secret also Hisamoto Masami et al was co-star.

Nakagawa Shoko Idol is also a 26-year-old now, it will be heard most scandal of romantic relationship in the past.Last year, she herself has also revealed that it’s cowardly to love to be “turned on trauma once, it is was taken from eating rice men and” TV “Gutan Nouveau”.In the weekly magazine which, or “dating photos she is eating a few friends?The thing that has been be posted with “.

According to the place where it was revealed that Nakagawa Shoko was broadcast on October 22 in “Merengenokimochi”, it seems to have entered the love mode finally.She is talked excitedly been appraised “boyfriend can be in the second half of this year from the fortune-teller of 4 people,” said.”But, Asako Ito and Masami Hisamoto of MC was only the second half of the other?I asked in disbelief and likely “.But Nakagawa has answer happily and “was told Mote life come in September or later”, and I feel that such fairly.

With the lessons learned from experience “Previously, the time it was said to Mote period because it was” rave! Withdrawal during “, in vain at all” and, Nakagawa decided to “We are going to leave out more and more” this time it represents, and seems to be going to make a serious boyfriend.Because she said, “a woman to wear a border not be popular,” said the fortune-teller, was talking about and want to care as much as possible further.

But this day, Hisamoto Masami is wore trainers border skirt border, Ito Asako.It’s got disheartened two people while stunned that’s “pure chance”.

Then, it’s added, “there are exceptions but, border of the child and cute border of a young child I’m all right,” and whether I thought Nakagawa Shoko tries to follow two people, but Hisamoto also Ito also is depressed further to hear it I was closed in.

Such Nakagawa Shoko had answered, “someone to live with my mother” and “people who are cat lovers” being questioned the men who want to become him.It seems want to come for adoption We do not want Tayashi the surname of Nakagawa.In addition to “If possible, I want you to bachelor immediately,” she gave a Hisamoto amazed us further.

Earlier in “Gutan Nouveau,” she has said, “be time to think about the wording, such as” To~utto~uru over “or” Giza “,” that “I was now 25 years old to (at the time)” and is said to be from the surroundings is increased was.It may be that going to shift change to an adult woman soon.We do not know what you want men Whether appear, but I would like to see progress even in love at Mote period of time.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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