US media – our children Chinese wealthy family to be ripped off of school in the United States

October 20, 2011, Bloomberg reported that children of wealthy households in China is being a tool Devouring the damn school in the United States.Xinhua network told 21 date.

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2009, parents living in northeastern China crown (one-Gouin)’s (19) boarding school “first-class” of the United States and CT payment, the king’s contractor $ 4,700 (about 360,000 yen) as an intermediary fee I was admitted to the.For admission assistance, skilled in the art described in “tuition only 20 people out of the Chinese students who are boarders $ 52,000 per year (about 3.98 million yen), 155 people,” said.

But, reality is totally different when I entered.According to Wang, there is no opportunity to speak English and only Chinese students in a dormitory.Far from a “first-class” schools itself, American students settlement sleeping in lay on a desk without also issued textbooks.College’s since 2005 only one person slightly less than the national average score Scholastic Aptitude Test of the (SAT).

According to the principal, they have, such as autism and (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder is half of American students.Boarders of about 40 people that was the Chinese last year.Ms. Wang is not received the United States true education is “here.The Inokoshi and “I’m so sorry, it was changed schools to high school less Chinese students of another state’s soon.

Students enroll rich decrease in high school boarding in the United States under the influence of the recession.Therefore, for survival, many schools have Mushirito~tsu money from wealthy households in China in the form of relying on suppliers such Kuchihatcho.There is a compelling parental love that want to take a degree in the United States to children in the background.

According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, it has increased more than 100 times the number of Chinese students enrolling from 65 people in 2005-2006, 6725 and 2010-2011 people in private high school in the United States.Instead in Korea, accounting for most in the foreign students of a boarding school in the United States.But, also enroll case that unending in a form that fooled the mid as the king’s.(Translation and editing / NN)