[Entertainment vitamin ♪] “I came a lot in the dressing room”.to the very situation in a word that Owada Shinya was posted on blog.

Where it was spelled in the blog about the stage that Owada Shinya (63) of the veteran actor to appear, and that was supposed to be a very much after the show.He had revealed the details on a TV show, but what was happening what exactly.

Stage began finally “in the” Room of Shin-chan “he blog, a matter of” Hymn Miwa Akihiro version of love “arena Owada Shinya also appeared in April of this year.I spelled “.Owada Shinya I was told the whole story of the case that it is appeared and was broadcast on October 19 to “Raion’nogokigen’you”, what happened at that time.

The Ask me for a photo of dandelion flower blooming in the theater and around the cherry tree which can be seen from the window of the dressing room in the blog, he introduced the dates of stage starting from the day.It is was noted “If you watched us play, after the show, please visit us in the dressing room,” said one word in it.

Owada Shinya is talking about at that time to be “wrote without thinking anything in the sense of the letter”.That he was surprised to be back in the dressing room is the end stage “Then,’m came a lot to the dressing room,” said.Many fans he has lined up to meet him.

However, it is not going to also not get entered because some co-star in the dressing room.Somehow, by the staff who prepared the room Owada Shinya dedicated, it was was able to correspond also to the people of fan.

He growled to be “What is a blog I difficult” Recall that the.The little different from this case, but it recently, you’ve muttered a mobile phone number on Twitter Miyagawa Daisuke entertainer accidentally became a hot topic.Miyagawa had said, “there is an incoming call to death,” but, it’s said that changing the phone number now.Again, it is necessary extreme caution because information spreads with a single click to Twitter and blog.

Sentence of “Please stop the dressing room” is also posted now blog Owada Shinya, or I may be carried out really “from readers?I found comments such as “.He also would not have dared to remove this stage performances because over another course.
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