South Korea – “criticism, such as the accusation in Japan” appeared along with Kim Tae Hee is good

I appeared with Nishijima Hidetoshi (40) co-star in the drama telephone shocking Fuji TV was broadcast on the 21st actress Kim Tae-hee of South Korea (31) of “good laugh!”.In around the this performer, for that criticism of Kim Tae Hee ‘s after another on the Internet in Japan, South Korea more than one media reported.

Where Tsumabuki Satoshi guest of the day before (30), introduced the Nishijima, Nishijima Are you sure you want bring one other person “?It was decided that the answer “, Kim Tae Hee, which co-starred in the drama also starring hastily.Fuji TV, has started broadcasting the “99 days of star and I” from the 23rd, and Nishijima and Kim Tae Hee has served as a double-starring in the drama.

Attacks against Kim Tae-hee, every time such as accusation has passed from the net some users in Japan has continued, Korea media was reportedly enough to frown.

During the same corner, rather than Nishijima is the main guest, himself sitting in the center of Kim Tae Hee, but pointed out that introduction of “bad manners” has seen the contrary.In addition, it is reported that criticism has gathered and that they did not greet when Nishijima passes a poster of drama to Tamori, it was sitting in front of Tamori recommend seating, even for as a result of the remark more than Nishijima.

On the other hand, “in consideration to women, and sit in the seat of the central women in Korea” when you criticized about that Korean actress who came in the “guest sat in the center of the talk show the net bulletin board of Korea.That people of other countries to know such a fact is “embarrassing, opinion to defend the Kim Tae Hee that was seen.

Also, in Tokyo the same day, to the demo pushing perfusion Fuji TV were also made.In that case, when Kim Tae Hee visited Switzerland as Switzerland goodwill cultural ambassador in 2005, Takeshima: even about what you have deployed claims to territory of Korea (Korean name Dokdo) the “Dokdo Love Campaign” , I introduced my voice of protest has risen again.(Editors: RiNobue Koji Yamaguchi)