Fuss exposure “rule of showbiz implicit” rookie female singer, “sleeping with the big game from their own” – China

October 24, 2011, rookie female singer of China is the mini blog, exposing the rules of showbiz implicit.Shares topped 10,000 in wildfire.Sohu network told.

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In new singer 莫熙 兒 Talent It was exposed to provide sexual service called “latent rules” and (implicit rules) is, (Mo Shiaru).The 24th, to seize the early success in the “entertainment industry, best to have a relationship with big name star in the mini-his blog.Comments By going to bed, personal connections also “I can get.Shares topped 10,000 to between see, you have to fuss around the net.

In such appearances to the net delivery or movie exposure story of popular female personality, 莫熙 兒 is new singer with a name recognition of only slight.It plays a rookie talent Officers Find opportunities in the entertainment industry in the delivery movie, vividness like to link reality and her.The mini-blog, “showbiz unreasonable world just effort.We told the stark rookie talent and “I have slept with heavyweights hoping from their on the net, and heavyweights who both bed and” 莫熙 兒 more?”And looking for the culprit is heating up.

In part, because the 莫熙 兒 has released the first single “flight Kumo-tan” recently, or not a staged act for publicity?Voice and also has been heard.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)