Kojima on live chicks AKB48 or “wearing no underwear?The topic and “

Costumes popular members of AKB48, Kojima Haruna or “wearing no underwear?It has become a hot topic with “.

Costumes AKB48 Kojima Haruna, who appeared as a panelist information program of October 24 to Nippo “PON!” Has become a hot topic.

Costumes Kojima in racy fairly short pants, there was impact alone it, but when you have talk sitting on a chair, in a state in which the jacket is overhanging in shorts, it would look like a moment wearing no underwear.

Also the net bulletin board, viewers Kojima ends up wearing no underwear is illusion after another, the voice of joy went up many “cuteness stand out” from the fan.

Kojima on Twitter account of its own
I wonder shall I put the date of revved it because they have this jacket in different colors in plain clothes ★ is personal belongings supremeLaLa blondy setup! Hat was told PON costumes today to Nagoshi teacher, today a! I revved up to (бвб) lol

And, we have commented on the day of the costume, it is suggested that you appeared in costumes of different colors in the future.