Increase in bonus leading companies for two consecutive years of summer, manufacturing recovery steadily

That it is expected to bonus this summer of large companies is an increase for the second year in a row, it has been found in a survey of conclusion situation of summer bonuses, lump Nippon Keidanren has to target the major listed companies. According to the

investigation, settlement amount of all-industry average at 809,604 yen, an increase of 4.17% year-on-year. The increase was higher than the (1.51%) increase in the previous year for the second consecutive year. By type of

industry, electrical machinery (16.32% increase), cement (8.92% increase), chemical (7.42% increase), and non-ferrous metals and metal (6.14% increase) is an increase. Food has become a significant increase in 13.28% in the previous year increased by 1.19%. Was recorded a decline of more than 20% year-on-year in the summer bonuses in 2009 of

after the Lehman shock, vehicles (2.09% increase in 2010, 4.17% in 2011), 5.39% (2010 Electric, 2011 16.32% a year), 5.91% (2010 – non-ferrous metal, such as 6.14%) in 2011 is recovering steadily. On the other hand

, decrease (down 4.45%), paper and pulp (down 5.44%), vehicle (5.33% decrease), Print. The first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing, subject to

survey, 249 major companies 21 industries 500 or more employees. You have concluded in 101 companies, but 18 industries, of which 41 companies are excluded from the aggregation, such as for the average amount unknown. Is it possible to maintain the performance in wages continue to fall

the full amount paid
business recovery company for securing human resources to wage improvement company closed more than 70% by
disaster, rolling blackouts
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