Hioki, main yell Manman the near-brawl

Weigh will be held at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas (Saturday, local time) on the 29th of UFC137 “Penn vs Diaz” was carried out in the orthotopic (gold and the same) on the 28th.Ahead tomorrow UFC debut, never showed much in Japan, Hatsu Hioki was showing facial expressions fired up filled.

From middle school, along with the ALIVE Suzuki, Yoichi representative walked together, in the state that contains the yell from the time you take off your clothes, and show the movement that was snappy, Hioki was up to the stage, to the weighbridge with a look very strict.

At the time of the US-filled, has been narrowed down considerably, just did not need almost weep, it’s off the coast of the date of Mitetore goodness of Hadatsuya, but down the scale so as to glare at herself in the screen, and the loop opposite.Again, Hioki you did not remove the line of sight from the loop, caught it look as though crowded into fairly.

Speaking as being crowded put, it’s Nick Diaz and BJ · pen to compete in the main.When you have finished weighing together, take a pause for photographs to fit the chest, but the distance is clogged with instantly, to brawl heh.Here, enters Dana White divided between them quickly to give the Kotonaki but temporary metering site became turbulent.

Interview with Joe Rogan also sent off before Nick Dana has won.BJ is asked to Nick, was the reply and cool “is only opponent to fight in the game,” but, according to the instruction of Dana, down the stairs, which has been entrance opposite to the exit port of the normal he also , I left the stage.
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