“Mahjong in rest time high school age” Daio Paper chairman gambling

Casino side’s so called whale, the Jokyaku to use a lot of money at the casino.A huge problem by borrowing Igawa meaning Komae chairman of Daio Paper founding family, the company announced the findings by Special Investigation Committee at the end of last week.

I was interviewed Igawa House neighborhood in Shikoku Ehime former chairman spent until elementary school nanny parasol HaraHajime Miki reporter is called “paper-like”.Distance to the edges, took less than a minute close to run from the end of “Ikawa House.While reports of breath and “is a terrible large mansion.Igawa house was called “paper-like” in the local.

Former chairman had a junior and high school in Tsukuba University Komaba, but classmate speak to be “doing well Mahjong Collect classmates during a break”.

Tyranny Igawa former chairman seems to have extra eyes “become white also black ones” in-house one-man management Daio Paper house.Former employee that are talking about “black stuff also becomes white a word of president,” said.Also “report, in a special presence, Kaohsiung Mr. and father before Chairman hold substantially personnel rights and management rights of the Group as a whole has been placed in situations that can not be opposite the instructions employees and colleagues Officers Hatori Shinichi moderator I communicate with “seems to have.

Aoki management (journalist) commentator It seems an excellent person, “University of Tokyo Faculty of Law from, but it might have been the beginning of stumbling It was entered in the company of his father as soon as I graduated from college.Although I Walk a life different to when I was that out into 1 Dogai, and that returns from it. ”

Some large companies that are also listed 3000 people “employees Ishihara Yoshizumi (talent).Speak to a social existence, former chairman and “might have been misunderstood to be something of your own company.

Borrowing “before President 10.7 billion yen in total HaraHajime.Has repaid nearly half of this, but it is feared nearly six billion yen is still remains, and what can really repay ”

gold before President lost in gambling, but gold became a shareholder dividend of employee salaries and.