Either safe or out at 暴排 ordinance entertainers After eating and drinking and gangster?

“Whether the ordinance violation if I signed a trade agreement without knowing the gang-related person”, “that you can sell things to gangsters, to provide similar services to the general visitors or out” when going out to “where” close association’s ” The result is a?”…….暴排 ordinance was subject to regulation also the general public, affect the aspects of daily life and business.In, border and its “out” and “safe” is whether the Where.Lawyer Takashima Hideyuki familiar with gang measures to explain.

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contract the other party signed unknowingly be the case because it is safe, it is safe even if it turns out to entertainment after.You will be considered to be entertainment, it is an act that is carried out as a consideration for the transaction of the contract on the last.Of course, the settlement obligation of entertainment expenses will occur in the company.However, if out on the other party knew the gang-related person, in an effort to obtain some sort of return, was excessive entertainment that is not worth the price of the transaction.

It is considered trading also has been suspended at the time of such determination, beverages and opponents question salesman is recognized as socializing in private leaving the company.It is safe because you out of the definition has been regulated by the ordinance of the city of “operators”.

Obvious example in considering the “food of the gangster” is probably the entertainer.It is safe if only to dine with gang-related person, but such is invited to the events of the assembled Become a Jikkon soon, it is out Shitara “facilitate the activities of the set” as a billboard.I think even in the general public even if, like you do not forget, that there is a possibility that from personal contact, would have been incorporated into the organization imperceptibly.

Exclusion clause, have been established and efforts obligation by ordinance.It is safe in the sense that it is not received and published recommendations, the penalties, but it will be in violation of the effort obligation.I think compliance on the company, and that he should be introduced.

※ 16 November issue SAPIO2011 years