Still your workplace or not the “20 century work”?

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Nikkei WOMAN online “Priority of money and marriage and career?”. I will look back on the consultation of up to J’s child from the child’s F. Bank of Japan began to work for the first time become

member of society. Branches became assigned, was said to senior it was “!’s Basic salaried road to drink alcohol no matter how the day before, it is attached to the seat in the opening hour of the next day”. In fact

, and came to the company in the last minute of the opening 8:30 too, it is muffled to the toilet all the way and then in the morning, there were also such a person. I did not time card, but you are in the company during working time is was important. Was a respectable salaryman everyone. Also

, and I heard the story of another company, but this, some of the younger employees of a certain large companies, without also serve much during the day, the overtime for the first time to work in the evening It seems that still someone want to earn. It does not matter overtime does not stick to become managers, but it is a translation by counting to pay overtime even from the beginning, and have a time management. I think that will continue to withdrawal from the idea of ​​a salary to get such time

is, become important to business people. Because

, it becomes idea at work to obtain compensation by selling time, revenue would increase as long work, incentives to increase the efficiency is because hard work. In terms of an extreme example

, in sales job, and playing golf with trading partners every day, so if the work can be taken if, it is an excellent salesman even if I do not go to the company. If a person has a job (full commission) full commission, than to go on time every day company, you should think about what to do and in order to maximize sales with less working hours. Idea and if towards his desk in the company to

working hours, and that will feel like you are working is a 20-century labor. Even going out for two hours and lunch people

outside, even if the meeting in Tully’s Coffee in the morning, people that will say it’s use of time it is worth the results if you can roll. There will be work that can not be such a thing by

work. However, On the contrary, it is that it is work that the work needs to be forced by time. There is a company you can not determine

employees may not come to the working hours, the company appears to be playing is, a, whether they increase productivity in voluntarily, or whether a company there is no motivation. It is to give it to push employees to the labor of 20 century reluctantly. Then, we will continue to decline track record is not out though seems to be working seriously at first glance. It means you do not have a mechanism to be evaluated in the performance, is evaluated by formalism, efficiency is because going down. There is no appeal to the workplace of tethered sensitive plenty that are Yarasa such

, excellent people about will try to avoid such a workplace instinctively. I think such as flow becomes stronger now