Long working hours workplace that does not decrease.Even overtime of more than 100 hours a month in SE · programmer

November 1, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has established a “labor standards related information mail window” on the home page.

Things that can be reported by e-mail to the Labor Standards Inspection Office, the information in the workplace that would be contrary Industrial Safety and Health Law and Labor Standards Act, the Minimum Wage Act.This becomes a target not only himself, it is acceptable in the workplace of family and friends.Secret can be sent anonymously, of course, was also sent e-mail that is protected.

In the background of this correspondence, there is a fact that workers who suffer from poor working environment is that there are many.While there are a lot of unemployed people, Japanese people are cornered enough to commit suicide from the enormous amount of work unending.Co-author “work rules and the reality of the company to read the job hunting before” and (Junpo-sha) and Yamauchi Mr. Kazuhiro lawyer familiar with labor issues, the river people Mr. Hiroshi of attorney, “Now, occupation awful long hours most” the heard.

According to both men, against the background of the current situation-oriented “forces immediate” of companies are becoming stronger, long working hours of young people is progressing in all occupations.In particular, “SE, programmers” that the most serious among the.

There was an incident that employees of 33-year-old “before, had carried out computer software development died in cerebral hemorrhage.Since joining, work 3000 hours per year on average, and continue to work overtime in excess of 100 hours a month.Working hours of a week ago just before death was 71.5 hours, especially.Towards this so is, cases where people who are appointed and project leader will be a long time labor seems that many.Work of software development does not go quite to as it was originally designed.If there is a design change or additional orders during development from the client, it must be correspondingly.I would still worked desperately tries to protect the delivery date “(Mr. Yamauchi)

That “environment is not good is often.Taxi fare is do I still get worked until dawn, nor room to nap, even after all night.After working until 3:00 2:00 in the morning for that, you will live to sleep a few hours in front of the computer desk as it is, is that the work is also happening.Mental stress is also large.Just opposite to the personal computer intently, it is not keep living that much work justified hundreds of hours a day.Case running to suicide from disease of the mind does not cut off the rear “(river people Mr.)

By the way the ministry, has been the risk of death from overwork will increase when the overtime work of more than 80 hours a month.In other words, a total of 3000 hours of labor deadline of one year in.

It’s long working hours company side should improve originally, but can not be expected it in this recession.In order to protect themselves, Messrs says “white record” the realities of day-to-day work.Even with only records up to what time every day whether worked, it becomes evidence of when or become ill chance, it became trial.The help us when it comes down to the crunch, it’s not a company unfortunately.

(Interview / Kajino Sachiko)

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