Fall in love with winter!? Kim brother is the law of Kimura Yuichi married!

The other day, and have decided to Kimura Yuichi Kim brother that is also a businessman is a talent, to get married next year actress Attached, and west Ling, released the 1st “Weekly woman” was reported.Because you are experiencing a divorce three times already, and that did not quite Fumikire marriage initially also Kim brother.However, it’s so decided to mind in response to “propose” reverse fervent over 4 degrees from the west.

It’s Kim brother that repeated marriage and divorce many times, but the time of the winter and in January, marry Henmi Emiri is a wife before I decided to marry west Ryo this time in November, cold increases gradually on his has been.In other words, it’s seen is a tendency to say partner also!? Will want Kim brother becomes cold.

There is also a story one side It seems Kim brother who love cooking and have come to this.These days when a cold day also been increasing, it has become a season such as ingredients of pot are arranged in super.Stew you can make easily is one of the delicious dishes when cold, but one “delicious, but food you feel lonely somehow When I eat alone” and also members of the public to the so-called “one pot”.

Myself, Kim brother that show off culinary skills of professional-looking.There is also a story with a man there is something delicate somewhere cook.To him only you have run a more stores, situations eat food alone is likely to increase, it will feel thing insufficient to people more than usual, or not there is the side that becomes Hitokoishiku? Some entertainment journalist says.

Yoshimoto Kogyo says that two people belong, their wedding is next spring.There are also reports married’m still that are around with the greeting of marriage to senior comedians to be due to another party.It’s what Kim brother that sent the married life full of ups and downs, I want you to build a warm home this time around.

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