Electric car which can run in dead batteries! The first time in Japan! E-REV GM Chevrolet Volt appearance [News Topics: Chevrolet]

Engine generator.The “Technology Exhibition 2011 car and people” held at Pacifico Yokohama, EVGM Japan that does not rely on infrastructure, in Japan E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle, range-extended electric vehicle) to “Chevrolet Volt” I was published for the first time.
The GM bolt, I gain lithium-ion battery of 16kWh.Capacity of 16kWh battery that this is equivalent to the Mitsubishi Aimibu is a complete electric car.Combined motor 111KW (149 hp) to this battery.
Further, this bolt GM, 1.4-liter engine is mounted.As this occurs, it’s the same as most hybrid vehicles, but use very different.Engine mounted on the bolt, power only.Hybrid vehicles, used for power generation and driving force both motor and engine, but the engine of the bolt is not used to driving force.The battery is exhausted, supplies power to the battery engine is started.Engine to stop a certain amount of supply is over.
From the perspective of a complete EV, it seems to be equipped with an engine is also a waste.This difference in the way of thinking.It is not able to chase which rely on infrastructure such as charging stations absolutely EV.There is also a reality in a big country like the U.S., that it is difficult to infrastructure development is only in urban areas.If, it’s way of thinking and being able to better that is generated by the electric engine If there are no is, run a long distance without relying on infrastructure.
Therefore, the travel distance of the bolt that has been published is as long as 610km.It can travel 40 ~ 60km When it is the EV mode.
Still, infrastructure development also not going short mileage of EV.It can be said that in that sense, such as the Prius PHV Toyota and bolts, will the EV that does not rely on infrastructure most, as well as ease of use to our users.
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