train Tohoku University has a propeller wings and “Aero Train” development = China

Research group of Tohoku University announced hovertrain the “Aero Train”.Train that has the wings and propeller, travels emerged on a track.According to Mr. Yusuke Sugawara research group, that’s what you have adopted the benefits of airplane to train.Sina Technology has reported.

Because the aircraft is not touch the ground, there is no reduction in the driving force due to friction, aero train can be realized a reduction in energy consumption and a faster rate than normal train.The article pointed out, “But, pitching and rolling occurs slope occurs in the wings, that the fuselage bottom to remain parallel to the ground is difficult” and.Offset the unwanted movement of the wings in the built-in system, and pitching and rolling, has maintained a stable in the three axes of vibration of the nose, but it was to be “not a run smooth enough yet”.

Train travels emerged as a linear motor car than before which actually exist.Maglev to travel by float a train in orbit with a strong magnetic force, but there is a problem that consumes a large amount of energy by the resistance between the track and train.

On the other hand, Aero Train is used as the driving force of the airflow fuselage bottom.Linear motor car is manufactured in Japan in 2003, about 580 kilometers per hour have been recorded a top speed.A collection of high expectations in Japan, the commercial operation of the first to have been carried out It was Birmingham.(Editors: Oikawa MinamotoJuro)

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