University announced brand deviation value, the top 30 metropolitan

The 9th, Nikkei BP Consulting, has announced the results of the Tokyo metropolitan area Hen was carried out in August this year of “university brand image survey 2011-2012”.The survey, which were investigated on the brand image and students at the University of items such as “awareness of enrollment of children,” “awareness / recognition pathway,” “adoption intention level” and “admission recommendation level” of the university.In addition to a business man, parents with children of junior high school students or more, survey has become education-related workers.The survey has announced the ranking up to # 30, the “university brand deviation value”, and to the 1-position of imposing the University of Tokyo will earn 92.9 points.Of the 49 items brand image, we have also won the top 17 items, it was ranked first overall in the very dignity.In addition, the second place, Keio University at 85 points.Waseda University is followed by 82.0 points in the third place. Below, are ranked in the order of Hitotsubashi University, Sophia University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Meiji University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies of.In addition, the evaluation by education-related personnel, and Keio University “vision as an educational institution is located” in the.Nihon University, cited respectively Waseda University, “Faculty and departments are substantial” in to “have put the emphasis on public relations”.[Articles] Nikkei BP Consulting examined – “University brand image survey 2011-2012” [ed] the metropolitan area than (August implementation 2011) –