Cheap breaks the market

There is a psychology to any company any consumer, cheaper in absolute terms or overall is good amount of money to be paid to the recipient when you are trying to get something.Cheaper way of thinking is good for example as long as it serves the same purpose or thing, the same.I think this itself be correct.Basically.But, it is also there in the extent depending.

For example, current situation where price destruction of jeans they’ve been accelerating churn from the jeans as a result

Originally is why was the work clothes, but it’s subtle among the apparel market in Japan if there situation after the end of the war it came to Japan, but jeans that have had much the position of certain reliably.Generation of I such as come out at the moment when I said, “jeans” by pointing to this or you have, but it is the reason that cheap mono from mono high … until I gather the time being as a different story a little.

The important thing “high jeans” that were able to present.

So-called vintage so is to, in fact, new to or was the price tens of thousands of unabashedly that it is a thing high.It is probably so-called designer mono?.

By the way how about shipping status?It did take a look at the data that Japan jeans Council has published every year the best example of percussionist Gee When looking for data and has been announced, but it had fallen like crazy.

Iwanaga graph was created based on “(including import, Japan Jeans Association) Japan Jeans product production and purchase statistics” the

But I no longer saw the jeans around so much?Well, actually it is not that kind of thing, and the numbers where there is a strong market for an out-of-route that is not a member of this association, it is, for example, to supply a large amount of relatively inexpensive, such as GAP and Uniqlo because not members but I was not included in the.

Just say here is, that the position of the brand had as jeans jeans jeans 1000 yen per so hit widely as general perception that clear shift in.Market itself will be broken people who do not use more than 2,000 yen such as 1000 yen in jeans and become to occupy the majority of the market.

If you say it is not to say that buy high mono, or whether bad from the cheapest, things that I do not think it is bad to less extreme’s have increased or you feel course.Of the market is cheap and nasty thing called fact of course.But I feel that a place called certain level of quality to be secured because it is low-priced products carrying the brand of its own way once have been formed to.

But it came no longer sell things of price range that has been considered a standard price up to it and in any case it might be true.In my case that does not take the position that may be cheap thing, for the jeans, I think is a little Na subtle, but hey … because there is a vogue to what to wear after all.

But always there is a reason for cheap cheap mono

You say or corporate efforts such as simple, assume that you were able to make the standard price in the accumulation of cost that seems a certain standard form.And it is why put the profit that seems to be appropriate, but the place you’re doing from the original someone to do similar things naturally been entered, and Tari dawned on me such Dattari low price is determined that it is a good market It is not or have game will give added value to another.This very principle of so-called market.

In, that whether it is a value-added indefinitely the problem here is that’s low price.


Or, for example, let me causing problems such as break myself as a result inviting the reduction of manpower and the omission of labor that would be necessary price destruction, such as Yuku also led to talk of raw meat of a series mind you.

But, there should be a reason always To be cheap.There should be a back always to cheap mono.There is no reason to be able to give at the same price doing the same thing.But is not there always a stretch somewhere in a place called effort.There is reason to be managed to make an effort in its own way, but when it exceeds the limit problem.

Although it is capitalist economy that is not the structure that everyone can be happy


You do not think that the request itself more and more cheap good thing because it is the business is bad.But, it is nowadays you can not help but think as I think there should be a place to strike the right balance somewhere in each.