[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “saury’s like savings”.The exposure a surprising personality Otake Shinobu is her ex-husband, of Akashiya Sanma.

Otake Shinobu actress, told a surprising real face for Akashiya Sanma (56) of the ex-husband on a TV show.Its contents do not think pike is a mogul of the comedy world to only those that do not only talk to her, co-star was also curious.

’20 Is passed soon Otake Shinobu and Akashiya Sanma of stand-up comedian is divorced, but we will discuss the episode and recent marriage at the time of each other even now, there are many.

Otake Shinobu is that regular appearances on TV “Nakaimasahironokin’youbinosumatachihe”, there was a scene that talks about saury in the broadcast of November 11.

With that it was featured comedy duo, of Oriental Radio, Nakai Masahiro of MC and I think you said that the “entertainer and can not care is not smaller contents of the day?Turning the topic “, Otake Shinobu is he was answered,” I think that there is “it.She started to talk about lifestyles of saury “I think So saury’s, and I like savings”.”That people dislike debt.And so on, and it also describes the reason that it “does not seem possible debt afraid to think of the” might someday become useless “.

2 people of Oriental Radio was also nodded to hear it.Financial habit becomes rough by the time it was a big break, they’ve been sent a painful day-to-day work without popular and then swoop.Reason alone, it seems there was a thing to approach the chest to hear the idea large senior, of Akashiya Sanma.

It’s Oriental radio a sense that “break” re to recover popularity in Chara man character is Fujimori Shingo, but that it managed a Surprise to ask a debt to the Fujimori at a certain TV program.But he had been labeled as “skinflint man” for he was in the mouth “amount Kaseru” was lower than expected.

And if you think that now, Fujimori is also saving money with the future in mind at that time, I wonder not did not want to let the debt also to the other party.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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