“Kiyotake support” is dominated by giant infighting Kiyotake representative vs Watanabe, chairman net survey

A problem that Hidetoshi Kiyotake team representative of professional baseball Giants (61) has been criticized as “compliance” for (85) Tsuneo Watanabe, chairman, voice to support the Kiyotake Mr. overwhelming net on.Often Among them is, but criticism of the dictatorship of the first time Watanabe.However, the survey Mr. Watanabe from the discourse of your announcement objections, criticism such as “organization who disqualification” is also about Mr. Kiyotake also are rising.

The survey was carried out on the web Nikkan Sports through the night from evening November 11 the conference was held, out of the total 2124 votes, it is “fully supports” the Kiyotake Mr. 1533 votes “to some support” But 330 votes.”While Kiyotake support” accounts for 87%, it was only 113 votes which corresponds to 5% of the whole “do not support”.

Just 10 percent, in the survey of Yahoo! that can also vote at the moment, how is different slightly Watanabe supported by a survey of Yahoo!.

I want to support either of Watanabe and chairman “Kiyotake representative?To the question of “, in the 18:00 time on the 14th, 75,865 votes out of the total 105,024 votes, and to support Mr. Kiyotake (73%).9695 votes (10%) was also the voice to support the Watanabe.Impact on the evening of November 12, Kiyotake Mr. Watanabe announced the discourse of rebuttal in succession also a likely.

The majority of voice to support the Mr. Kiyotake,

what “white retire early” and “!’ll quit soon”, points out Mr. Watanabe “Rogai” the first time.There were also multiple voice likened it would cause death insects that live in the lion, the Kiyotake Mr. eating meat in the lion in “dysfunctional employee” is in.Voice to support the Watanabe,

It’s what “Mr. Kiyotake organization who disqualified” and “stupid or divulge confidential”, along the claims of Mr. Watanabe generally.In the,

The “spread of rumor only was stock manipulation”, there is also criticism of the fact that stock prices of related stocks such as Tokyo Dome fell in the wake of the conference.(Heading) and “internal strife just” and “mudslinging contest criticism”

It should be noted that the option of “do not support both”, 10473 votes nearly twice of Watanabe (19%) is in.Its contents,

“Doing, stand on their own” and “internal strife just”, it is what is called a “mud-flinging criticism”.

The net research of Livedoor, support rate of Mr. Kiyotake is higher than with Yahoo.

I think infighting “Giants, to whom there is a problem?The Toie that “, 81% answered” Mr. Watanabe “,

I can support the Nabetsune criticism “giant, of Kiyotake team representative?The voice of “can” support has climbed to 81.7 percent in question to say “.Voice of “Rogai criticism” seems stronger than with Yahoo.