Sexy actress corps Ebisu Masukattsu landed! The glossy PR- Hong Kong the first live

November 14, 2011, Idol unit Ebisu Masukattsu of sexy actresses arrived in Hong Kong, I was the first concert PR.Wen Wei Po told.

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Ebisu Masukattsu is idle unit of members Akiho Yoshizawa et al. Starting with Sora Aoi hugely popular in China, has also appeared in the Hong Kong movie this year.The 14th, 22 people out of the members are into Hong Kong for performances of the next day, before the local fans, it was engaged in a performance of the popular song “Banana Mango High School” in the PR events.

According to the leader of Yuma Asami, tension filled the first concert in Hong Kong.Sora Aoi had been witness to prepare a special effect for fans of Hong Kong, and also to show off Cantonese songs.The only corps of popular actress, Do not forget of course sexy production at Adult Movies.It says it “But I, the cute cute theme,” said Asami had aroused great expectations of the fan.

Scheduled next 15 day and night, Hong Kong performances Ebisu Masukattsu will be held in nine exhibition Star Hall.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)