Or dollar in the second half of 2011?

Price of coffee is approaching the highest value that is attached to the ’97, tension has spread to industry.Appreciation of other agricultural products such as wheat and sugar becomes peaked, there seems to also influence the funds flowed into the coffee.In the market of precious metals, fell back stands out with sharp rise in price of silver.Coffee silver also, and are common by the scale of trade is small compared to major markets such as gold and crude oil.It seems as the water level rose beyond the imagination tsunami is pouring into a small creek, so to speak, rise of the product so that the two intensified.

On the contrary, if accustomed to and stop the policy of Ben Bernanke to the dollar in large quantities, this is the price of the product is likely falling dollar will affect the market small-scale.Looking at the daily chart of the dollar index, which indicates the value of the dollar, dollar that came down under the cloud of equilibrium table glance, because it touches the lower limit of the cloud now, from Monday of this week, the dollar trend of the dollar is whether to clear by rush in the clouds?There you will focus.If familiar with the dollar bought, then the potential to be the flow of the dollar becomes stronger in the second half of 2011.Stock goods and less likely to rise, non-dollar currencies, so likely falling, the market might be in bringing in the major turning point.

At CNBC, someone to severe remarks Concerning recovery of Japan has been increasing.Percentage and expect optimism faction fast recovery “Japan has overcome the crisis many times until now,” said the pessimism faction take seriously the problem of power and nuclear power plants was about half and half immediately after the earthquake, but now remark “Japanese stocks also circle’s also sell” that has more and more.It seems even in Japan In fact, it is not visible to the wind bill after another passes for reconstruction, large budgets that are organized, recovery of the Japanese to be slower I.

Even if it becomes the news product exhibition of the Northeast’s popular salmon roe, the sales volume will be about the several million yen at most in the famous department store.In damage to the facility has received a small food company on the one hand, several hundreds of million yen.Also, recall that the exchange of time when manufacturing is accumulated in the Tohoku region was 100-120 yen $ 1, I do not think capital investment is to proceed in the same way in the appreciation of the yen around 81 yen now.06-07 per year of the Lehman shock in the previous peak production of automobile and electrical machinery, the main Japanese industry might become the material that?I think.

Employment is reduced in rural areas that deflation proceeds from previous earthquake, young people washed away, the elderly remaining is increased, the state of local government finances severe had followed.Integration and organize because we still continue to be in the sale at the manufacturing facilities of the company, it is not had a situation occurs, such as capital flows away so to speak..

In the stock market in the United States, Russell 2000, an index of small-cap stocks has updated the highest value.Contrast to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers which has remained sluggish in a fraction of the Livedoor incident from happening.In the U.S. market, money has continued to flow into a new company, even if there is wave.That companies such as energy-related IT and China have been listed as a weekly, company name of Chinese characters is introduced big to fit in the open market these days, especially..That the mitigation measures the Bank of Japan is weak though it is bond sales in yen, the name of the company that does not make flies has just line up change at all, the price of real estate drops will cause appear to look like the norm in Japan.

New businesses and industries if prosperity, that the order of the conventional industry to change is inevitable.However, in Japan, deflation and aging population, feelings seeking safety and stability more than anything is strong, therefore the part of the real intention, desire to be “want to be left continue as usual as much as possible”, even while saying or “growth” with their lips emotion, is it not? strong.Baby boomer population is often in the 60s, baby boomers hitting the child is close to 40 years, average age of the entire reaches the 40s, ethos that you want to live in a stable manner to avoid the stronger risk absolutely Will.

It seems that the results went to explore ways and “innocuously innocuously as possible”, the announcement of the government over the nuclear power plant is also, as had strengthened the sense of insecurity of the people rather.Near-term, and continue to seek strong stability but for the time being therefore, Japan might have got coming up in the place where the medium-and long-term stability may be impaired rather.Think carefully that everyone store protect the Bank of Japan tickets, so economy of medium-and long-term so had weakened.

By any TEPCO, be it Nikko, whether the Bank of Japan, it is a workplace that people coming out of the famous university of its own way has been working a long time is the same.There is no difference can have his wife and children, there is my home, people who are common-sense to go to the company every day, has been action to read the air of workplace properly is to many.However, if you look at as a whole, it seems that it is only those people, even as they’ve invited a high risk.A time when people hit a genius or unusual talent was to inject vitality in society end, tend to seek a place of activity abroad even as a growing is people who show personality sports, music, or academic seems.

During the 10 years, business of redevelopment progress was made in rural areas.Pavement will clean around the station building, confusion is to become a relic of the distant Showa, I feel the streets along the reference of the government while trimmed, lively as went lost and weakened the contrary bustle.Are you sure would follow a similar way also playing in the Northeast.When you looked around the world and suddenly aware, it will be about image, the future of … just outside of Japanese prosperity and bustle.