Aqueduct Dr. exposure! “” Passion continent “Yashiro attorney Ed is shelved”

On Twitter of (November 2011) on the 16th, and Yashiro Hideki lawyer active in, Aqueduct Dr. comedians “Asakusa Kid” is now shelved, even while being interviewed “passion continent” in (TBS system) on TV I revealed the fact was.

Watch the “passion continent-potter-Ryota Aoki” in the “program material.October minute broadcast 2009.Young potter of 31 years old at the time.Interesting! Following the tweet that “, I think that there is no out rarely in the” passion continent, but not that Yashiro lawyer previously have been “passion continent request?If you heard “and the comment story is” was interesting was turning “a few months, but I did not have passion to me very much, I” mothball.

In contrast, retweeted more than 100 cases, “I have a thing,” “will care Yashiro lawyer, on the contrary (laughs)”, such as tweets from users follow are also followed.